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Why Diet Foods Make You Put on Weight

Friday, July 10, 2015

Yes it’s true. We all like to choose foods that we think are going to be good for us. Right. If we’re trying to lose weight we generally choose the ones labelled low fat, sugar free, low GI etc. Sounds logical? Wrong. If you thought that by substituting artificial sweeteners for sugar, drinking fruit juice, and eating margarine are going to make you lose weight, you need to read this.

Calories in does not equal calories out. Think of a 100 calorie banana flavoured muffin compared to a fresh banana. Which one would you think is the healthier option? The banana? Right! Even though it contains more calories than the muffin, it contains nutrients that your body can digest and use for fuel. This increases your metabolism and allows your body to function normally. The man-made product contains fructose to make it highly palatable, preservatives, artificial colours and other man made chemicals that your body does not know how to digest. These compounds have no nutritional value and end up being stored as fat. Your body does this as it does not know how else to digest these strange chemicals.

Beware the reduced calorie snacks, microwavable frozen meals, muesli bars, packaged shakes and smoothies, and frozen treats. The “healthy” labelling can be very misleading. Look at the ingredients panel on the back of the pack. There will be all sorts names that are almost impossible to pronounce, and more importantly, impossible for you to digest. If you can’t read it, don’t eat it! Have a look at the packets in your pantry now – see if you can read all the ingredients on the labels.

Fructose is added to most processed foods to make them really sweet. It is not absorbed the same way as other sugars and goes straight to the liver to be stored as fat. As it does not raise blood sugar levels it is technically low GI (Glycaemic Index). Therefore Coca Cola has a lower GI than parsnips. Confusing isn’t it.

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