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World-first pole dancing program takes weight loss to new heights

Friday, December 12, 2014

A ground-breaking Australian program that combines pole dancing with a controlled eating plan is achieving great results in helping women to lose weight, increase muscle tone and build self-confidence.

The BodyFit weight loss program is run by Sydney-based Miss Fit Dance Studio working with two qualified dieticians form Bites Health Clinic and Verve Dietetics. It follows on from a highly successful eight-week clinical trial with 20 students in 2012. This was the first time that a scientific study had been performed to measure body composition changes using pole dancing and a controlled eating plan. On average, each participant lost over 5 kilograms during the trial, with one participant losing 14kgs and achieving a 47% reduction in her total body fat. Since the initial trial, the BodyFit program has been expanded to include Aerial Yoga and conditioning classes to create more variety for participants.

“As far as we are aware, there is no other fitness program like ours that incorporates both pole fitness, aerial yoga and a healthy eating plan, to help women achieve weight loss and fitness results,” says Miss Fit Dance Studio director Sarah Thompson.

“The BodyFit programme is unique because there is very close mentoring between the dietician and the client, which makes it much easier for participants to stick to their eating plan and stay on target. On top of that, there is a serious fun factor in a pole dancing class – it is quite unlike other forms of dance or gym classes. Heels are optional but definitely add sexiness to the dance class. Women get to let their hair down and really have fun.

“Pole dancing not only makes you look great but it’s a real confidence lifter too. The boost to self esteem is just as important as the physical changes. Also there are great friendships that develop in pole classes – it is always a very supportive, non-competitive environment.”

Mrs Thompson says that pole dancing is fundamentally resistance training as participants learn to carry their body weight on their arms as they spin and lift around a pole. Resistance training is the best way to increase your muscle mass. As muscle requires more energy to be maintained than body fat, even at rest you are burning more calories, so the weight stays off. We have created a strategy that doesn’t just trim you down, it will keep you looking great.

Aerial Yoga involves performing exercises in fabric slings suspended from the ceiling but close to floor. It creates opportunities for participants to train all joints without jarring, focussing on increasing strength, stability, balance and control. Plus there is a profound stretching experience which is not possible with floor based exercises. Every class finishes with a relaxing cocoon session so participants leave feeling very nurtured.

The BodyFit programme is designed for both novice and experienced pole dancers with a range of pole fitness, aerial yoga and conditioning classes to choose from depending on their capability. Each eight- week program includes regular face to face meetings with our dietician, a customised eating plan, lots of mentoring and support, as well as two or three exercise classes a week at our studios.

Participants also keep a food and exercise diary, which is submitted to the dietician for review throughout the program. It’s not about eating less, actually eating more, but of the right foods, and you’re allowed some treats too!

“This is a proven weight loss and fitness program, and follows a professionally structured approach developed by Miss Fit Dance Studio and Bites Health Clinic. It really is taking exercise and weight loss to a whole new level,” Mrs Thompson adds.